#11 Best Sewing Supplies for 2011-Table Grids

#11 Best Sewing Supplies for 2011-Table Grids


Rotary Cutting Mats

Cutting and measuring is really the most important factor to fabricating apparel, window treatments, quilting, etc.  Whether you are a home sewer or a  professional workroom, perfection is the goal for most all projects.  Years ago I was told to measure twice and cut once and when you are cutting fabric that sometimes cost as much as $200 a yard it is very important to measure twice.

Years ago I used a rotary cutter for much of my cutting and I had cutting table that was 60″x120″ with a Pinnable Gridded Rotary Cutting Megamat which was perfect.  Not everyone has that much space in their sewing rooms and over the years I have down sized my rotary cutting space to a 32″ x 60″ Megamat on a smaller sewing table.

This is a premier line of cutting mats. Made from a pinnable material. Easy to roll, flexible yet sturdy and great for rotary cutting.  Unlike most other mats, these mats feature a sanded finish rather than a slick finish to prevent your fabric from moving.   I would highly recommend the Megamat for Quilters, Sewers and Crafters.

Canvas Table Grid

The other table grid that I totally love is the Workroom Canvas Table Grid Cover.  This table cover is a printed when ordered and printed on a heavy duty canvas made for workroom tables.  You are able to measure your projects right on the table and when making roman shades, my shade never leaves the table.  It’s wonderful to have the right tools for success.   The Canvas Table Grid is 60′ wide and comes in a 6′, 8′, 10′ or 12′ long grid.  A few years ago I found that home sewers do not always have the space so I designed a table grid that fits a 48″ x 96″ sheet of plywood.  A 4’x8′ sheet of plywood can be covered and set on saw horses while working and stored when you are not using it.

So Measure Twice and Cut Once in 2011!  You deserve the right tools to create the perfect projects.


  • Beth Meyer 21/04/2014 at 15:24

    Where do you find the workroom canvas table grd cover? Thanks!

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