11 Top Sewing Supplies for 2011 – #1 Quick Pleating Tool

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11 Top Sewing Supplies for 2011 – #1 Quick Pleating Tool

Treadle Sewing Machine

If you are a new beginner to sewing or have been sewing for years, it’s important to have the best tools when starting new projects in 2011.   I have been sewing for 53 years (a long time)  but took a break  and started to sew again in 1999.   I could not believe the change in sewing notions and how the right tools make your sewing projects so much easier and fun to finish.  I have gone from a treadle machine when I was 10 to electronic mega sewing machines that do everything except the morning dishes.

In 2011 you will see some of the greatest inventions for those who sew,  our industry is making a come back to young sewers and baby boomers who now have time to learn about the creative side of sewing.   Over the next 11 days we will share some  of the popular sewing tools and notions for 2011.  If you have a favorite sewing tool or notion please let us know.   Be sure to post below.

#1 Sewing Tool for 2011

The Newest invention by Angie Knowles of St Pete Florida it the Quick Pleater.    You receive 4 different sizes of the quick pleat tool.  A 1″.2″3″ and a 4″ pleating tool.   You can make knife pleats and box pleats with the quick pleat tool.  You receive all 4 tools with instructions and photos for only $29.95   and FREE  Shipping until January 16,2011.   Add the Free Shipping coupon code QuickPleat

Rosa Allen, a student at Home Fashions U Arizona made these pillows for her grand daughters for their Christmas Gifts.  Using their favorite color of fabric and Crafter’s Choice Photo Fabric to apply the image.  She accented all 3 pillows with pleated trim using the Quick Pleating Tools Order Here


Christmas Pillows
Quick Pleater Set of 4 – Free Shipping until Jan 16,2011

Watch for Sewing Supply #2.

Happy New Years,

Karen and Claudia

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  • angie 05/01/2011 at 18:26

    Claudia and Rose, those look are beautiful! Both the pleats and the photo transfer. Great job!

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