Back to Basics – Sewing from Arizona to Chicago

Back to Basics – Sewing from Arizona to Chicago

The rage is on! Sewing a lost art and it is becoming popular again across the United States. We are seeing a large influx of new students wanting to learn the basics of sewing. With today’s economy most budgets are a little tighter so why not learn to hem your own pants and take in a few side seams.

Sewing actually skipped several generations, and now they realize that there were no opportunity’s in High School or Jr High for Home Economics or a basic sewing class. I have been teaching sewing for the last 10 years that when I ask Who Taught You To Sew? 99% percent of the time it is the grandmother. My grandmother taught me and I have taught my granddaughters to sew.

In Arizona sewing is becoming very popular, I receive 2-3 calls a week from younger women wanting sewing classes. Erica Doyle from the Sewin Asylum offers all types of classes for beginner sewing. Once the students have learned the basics of sewing they head over to Home Fashions U for Home Decor Sewing Classes. Thanks Erica, you’re a great trainer!   Watch how sewing is taking off in the Midwest, here is a news broadcast from ABC Channel 7 in Chicago.

Here is a Article from Sew Chicago

Sew Chicago’s Wendy Grossman Interviewed on ABC

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Go to school and you could become famous. That’s what happened to Chief Instigator Wendy when she went to a serging class at Vogue Fabrics last week.

Local ABC news journalist, Leah Hope, reports in her September 20 segment “Back To Basics” that skills such as sewing which was traditionally handed down from mothers to daughters (did she forget sons?) seems to have skipped a generation with the pendulum swing of women wanting to be less traditional and more modern. However, with younger people realizing that they aren’t getting fit they want or just a matter of economics, there is now a shift to learn this wonderful skill of sewing that we know and enjoy.

“Younger women who didn’t study sewing they don’t have home-ec any more are coming in,” said Wendy Grossman of The American Sewing Guild and Sew Chicago. “They’re interested.”

See Wendy’s entire comment in this video clip.

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