Blog Talk Raido – SEO and Social Media

Blog Talk Raido – SEO and Social Media

Do you have the time for SEO and Social Media?


Have your ever felt Digg, Delicious, Facebook,  Plaxo, LinkedIn, You Tube, My Space, Ning and more were just to much?  You can control it very easily with just one click of the mouse.   There is a Social Site that does all the work for you. is a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!  It takes a few minutes to set up and then you are off and running.  Your post, will now be generated in all of your social media networks with one click of the mouse.

Social Media is networking your business with out a glass of wine and chatting with friends.   SEO helps you make new friends and clients and the internet is the fastest way to grow a business, of course word of mouth always works but you may not have the time.   In today’s economy there are  many business closing their doors because they depended on local media advertising in news papers and yellow pages.  I personally don’t own a yellow page book!  I always search the internet for my needs.

My question to you… Is your website earning a income for you or is it costing more than it’s worth?  Most likely if this is the case you need to contact a recommended SEO Expert.  Notice I say recommended, ask for referrals, speak to their clients, do your home work before write the check.  Not all SEO Experts are equally talented.

I attended the SEO Training and received a certificate in advanced SEO  but there is so much to learn and about all of the little in’s and outs of Search Engine Optimization.  I’m far from a expert but have learned so much.

Here are a few simple tips to start increasing traffic to your website:

  • Google Analytics a free product from google that tracks your traffic, keywords, bounce rate and more.
  • Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.
  • Google Keyword Tool Box helps your find the best keywords to use and will help increase your rankings with the search engines.
  • Google Fight is a fun site you can watch the keywords fight it out and use the winner in your website.
  • Use Google Places to get your business found on local search results on both Google Search and Google Maps

These resources will get you started in building traffic and new business clients.   I found after jumping into these great tools I couldn’t quit,  so that is when I found Roy Reyer and the SEO Training SW.  I attended several local Meetups and smaller classes that he provided in Phoenix,  but when the Search Engine Training came about I know I had to attend the 5 day workshop.   It will change you life and open your eyes to so many other potentials for your business.

SEO Training SW

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