Cooking Turkey Made Easy

Cooking Turkey Made Easy

Local Harvest

Well Thanksgiving is just 10 days away and it’s time to think about purchasing your turkey.  Do you usually buy a fresh turkey or a frozen turkey?  I just went looking for a fresh turkey in Phoenix and they seem to be difficult to find, I only found one website called Local Harvest with fresh turkeys that are family grown out of state and shipped in to AZ.

So it looks like we will be buying a frozen turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner, but the dressing is the best in the west!  Made with fresh roasted Chestnuts and mild Italian sausage, and whole wheat bread to cut the carbs.   Along with the dressing I love the sweet potatoes, I have decided to use a little molasses and Splenda brown sugar, and a tiny bit of OJ to sweeten the potatoes.  I feel like I’m taking the fun out of Thanksgiving but know one will taste the difference.

The thing I dislike the most about Turkey Day is the leftovers, I just found a e-book for cooking turkey after Thanksgiving.  The books shares lots of different ideas for creating new meals with the leftover turkey and sides. Click Here!

Watch for my cranberry apricot chutney recipe next week, the whole neighborhood waits for this wonderful dish.  I try to make enough to share with everyone before they start receiving all of the Christmas Cookies and treats.  Happy Grocery Shopping.

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