CPSC Safety Cord Issues for Blinds

CPSC Safety Cord Issues for Blinds

I just watched the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WMCA) Stakeholders Meeting which was held on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010.

Cord Safety

The meeting was good and there was a few attendees wining about not being informed to demo their products.   Several products showed how to retro fit present wood window blinds, metal blinds, etc.  Every solution will need to be based in the window size and weight of the product.  Motorization would be the easiest fix but not affordable for the majority of today’s consumers.

CPSC wants to eliminate the total risk of any child getting hurt or killed by a cord of any sort.  The CPSC had not set a deadline for removing product from stores but they have set a deadline for manufactures to be compliant.  Small Workrooms and Custom Workrooms seem to fall into the category of manufacturers.

Click here to listen to the entire meeting, there is a show and tell about new products at the end of the webcast.

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