Crafting with Sealah Tape

Crafting with Sealah Tape

Sealah No Sew Tape     Purchase Today at Home Sewing Depot

* Sealah Tape user friendly, extremely strong bond, ironable
* The Sealah bond stays sticky, it can be lifted up and reapplied until the job is right.
* After the project, materials can be separated with most Sealah adhesive removers.
* Sealah tape has a strong bond on smooth, clean, dry surfaces.
* Sealah Tape is not recommended on fuzzy materials or surfaces like stucco.

SEALAH-NO-SEW tape is a double sided, pressure sensitive, transparent, industrial strength, peel and stick adhesive.  It takes up to 24 hours to cure completely with just pressure. Ironing will set the adhesive faster, yet ironing is not necessary. It has built in “forgiveness” so that fabrics and trims can be placed just right.

It is user friendly and always stays flexible. It is acid free and lignin free so it never yellows. It is also washable and dryable with most fabrics. It is a good idea to always test our adhesive with every fabric as they may be treated with non-stick repellent chemicals. Our tape can be used on a variety of fabrics, trims wood metals, glass, leather and plastic – just about any surface.

It is great for window treatments, trim applications, home decorating, crafting, lamp shades, scout badges and appliques, scrap booking, stamp embossing and repairs or all sorts. Most of your gluing can be done mess free and without burns. We hope it will provide you and others with many short cuts to your work!

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