Dead…For Now Arizona Design Community

Dead…For Now Arizona Design Community

Protect the Arizona Design Community

A bill to regulate interior design which had been introduced in the legislature has been tabled by the sponsor due to so much opposition generated by IDPC and the NKBA.

A very special thank you to Tim Keller from the Arizona Chapter of the Institute for Justice for championing our cause and making sure Rep. Mesnard was presented with the TRUTH about the negative impact this regulation would have.

Also, thank you to IDPC member Betty Jones, a highly successful Tucson designer, who has worked tirelessly to educate and organize IDPC’s grassroots in Arizona, and also Judy Thompson from the American Institute of Interior Design.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who took time away from their busy schedules to call or write to the various legislators involved as the bill moved about.

Arizona design community — you need to be ready for the next attack on your freedom!  What can you do?

1. Support our mission by becoming a member.
2. Patty will be speaking at FEDA’s national conference in Phoenix at the end of March/beginning of April.

Click here to become a member of IDPC and get access to the information you will need to protect your ability to earn a living, now and in the future.  NEW MEMBERSHIP rates are ONLY $29 a year — isn’t protecting your right to earn a living worth $29?

Of course, larger donations to support IDPC’s work are always appreciated!

This blog originated from a newsletter I recently received from Patti Morrow, IDPC Director.

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