Go Inspire….Are Superheroes for real

Go Inspire….Are Superheroes for real

I’ve never met a Superhero before, but now I believe they exist.

Article from Go Inspire Thanks Robert S Fletcher for sending this heartfelt story.

I recently flew to South Dakota and Pennsylvania and met the tiniest, bravest, most inspiring Superheroes, including my new Superhero friend, 5-year-old Brooke Mulford.
Wearing her special pink cape, running with her arms raised in the air and screaming with joy, little Brooke forgets about all of the cancer procedures, medicine and treatments she’s had to endure because when the cape is on, this little girl believes she’s “Super Brooke.”

Accessorized in her favorite color pink, Brooke is among 4,000 sick children and their siblings, who have custom homemade Superhero capes. The capes are gifts, sewn with inspiration and sent with blessings of love, from Wonder Capes.

Brooke’s personalized pink Superhero cape gives her comfort, reassurance and power to fight stage 4, high risk Neuroblastoma– infant and childhood cancer of the nervous system.

All Superheroes need someone extraordinary, to outfit them… Meet Amy Pankratz. By day, Amy is a stay at home mother of three, juggling the normal multiple schedules, obligations and responsibilities: including elementary and preschool school carpools, room mother activities, etc. By night, when her so-called “Love Bugs” are asleep, she sews through most of the night – many times, pulling all nighters.

Amy and her husband Michael call their “hobby” and mission, “Wonder Capes.”

These capes are homemade, beautifully crafted “Superhero” comfort capes delivered to sick children around the world. As a mother of small children, Amy knows how important it is to love, encourage and support all of them. She understands that often parents focus on their sick child, taking away time and attention from their other children – that’s why she also accessorizes their siblings.

The capes are heartfelt inspirations. “I read their story. I think about them. I pray for them while I make it,” said Amy.

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