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home decor sewing projects

Home Decor Sewing Projects

Home Decor Sewing Projects – Recycle Tights into Bowls

Looking for new home decor sewing projects?  I was just surfing YouTube for a few new ideas and wanted to share this great video on recycling tights for home decor sewing projects.

The ladies cut up old tights and zig zag them together to make home decor bowls and coasters for coffee tables.

Lots of great ideas at Colourious

Here are a few more ideas of how to recycle old tights and pantie hose from Bonnie Alter at the Mother Nature Network

home decor sewing projects We all have a collection of old pantyhose that we can’t bear to part with but will never wear again… what about the ones with the pattern that make your legs look like tree trunks, or the purple ones that were supposed to be so fashionable, or the fish nets that dig into your thighs…the list is endless and that doesn’t include the ones with runs. Don’t throw them out! You can recycle them in many different ways.

1. Make sachets: Cut the legs off the tights and cut each one in half so that you are left with around four pieces of material. Fill each piece with lavender and tie the ends so that you have lavender scented balls. These can go in underwear drawers, and wardrobes to keep away the moths and keep things smelling sweet.

2. Use them for cleaning: Opaque tights, the thicker the better, are great for using as soft dust cloths. Wool tights are also perfect for shining surfaces and mirrors.

3. Use as a strainer: Thin tights are good for straining off liquids such as paints.

4. Stake up plants: Use tights to tie plants to trellises and sticks to support them. Since the tights are stretchy and thin, the plants don’t get damaged as they grow.

Tons of ideas from Bonnie Alter on the Mother Nature Network   

Photo from Mother Nature Network

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