How to Match the Pattern Printed on the Fabric

How to Match the Pattern Printed on the Fabric

Discover how easy it is to match the pattern on the fabric when joining the seams together.  A drapery workroom secret is GLUE Basting?  Yes, I’m going to let the secret out.

When sewing draperies, bedding, window treatments, etc it is most important that you match the vertical repeat of the pattern.   To figure you vertical repeat simply measure from the beginning of the pattern to the same beginning spot of the next pattern and that will tell you how many inches the pattern repeat is.   It is very important to consider the fabric repeat when purchasing fabric, it sometimes makes it easier to match the pattern.

Now that you have purchased the fabric how do you sew you seams while creating a perfect pattern match?

1. Match up the selvage edge of the fabric.

2. Press both pieces of fabric. ( if you only press one, the heat can shrink the fabric and they will not match as easily) Press the selvage edge over just enough to create a pattern match and press the entire length of the fabric.

3.  Line the patterns up on your work table and pin in place (place the pins 1/4″ -1/2″ from the edge)  The slightly lift the fabric and with the Rowley Fabric and Trim Glue you can dot a tiny line of glue on the bottom fabric.

4. Matching the fabric together as you gradually move down the entire length of the fabric.  Then press with steam and heat if you have tested your fabric for this application.  (some fabrics can not be ironed)

5.  Now you can see the perfect match and the glue baste has started to dry and you are almost ready to sew the fabric together.

6.  Fold the fabric to the wrong side and you will see a pressing line (sometimes called a ditch) In the photo I marked the line so it would be visual.  Now just stitch the fabric together by stitching in the ditch and you will have a perfect match.  Look! you have match the pattern perfectly.

Glue basting make matching patterns so easy.  Fabric Glue now available in 8oz bottles.


  • Maria 28/01/2013 at 06:18

    Great tutorial. Thanks for the basting glue tip. I couldn’t figure out how I was going to pin the fabric from the front and then flip it to sew with pins in the way!

    • Claudia Buchanan 28/01/2013 at 06:50

      Glue basting saves so much time when matching fabrics. I often use a product call Sealah Tape but you need to be very careful that you do not sew on the Sealah adhesive because ti will stick to the needle.
      Thanks for the comment Maria,


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