Meet Gretta

Meet Gretta

Gretta is going on 9 years old and loves everyone, except the UPS man or any one coming to the front door then she lunges at the security door.  Her only bad habit, when training her I used a bottle filled with vinegar water and not I just say Vinegar and she knows to stop the bad behavior.

Her is a article I found at

German Shepherd Dog history began in just this way. Using a variety of German sheep dogs as his foundation stock, Max von Stephanitz developed a new and distinctive working dog breed, the German Shepherd Dog.

He greatly admired the herding dogs of his native Germany, and believed they had the full potential to be the total all-purpose working dog. Max von Stephanitz was very aware of the historically declining need for herding dogs and believed that the working abilities of the breed would decline unless they were put to other uses.
Max von Stephanitz  An idealist with both strong intellect and the financial capabilities to support his ideas, Max von Stephanitz also possessed the determination, drive, and dedication to put his ideas into practice.
His perception of a herding dog was of an extremely intelligent, vigorous dog, of stable character and with many of the physical attributes belonging to the wild dog- fleet of foot, long of wind, and untouched by the extremes of other breeds. He was well on his way to beginning the GSD history.

He saw no beauty in a non-functional dog and was ruthless in discarding what he considered weak. Tireless and determined, he laid the foundations of the GSD history that were later to make the breed the greatest all-round working dog in the world.

Until Horand, herding dogs came in a variety of shapes, sizes, types and abilities. Shepherds in Germany like elsewhere in the world, chose their dogs for their fitness, mental and physical, and for work only, and cared little for the dogs appearance. Max von Stephanitz had very positive ideas about the mental, anatomical, and bio-mechanical characteristics required of a herding dog. He had a great understanding of the mental and anatomical requirements of a working shepherd dog.

Very possibly by chance, the beginning of the GSD history started at a dog show in Germany. While at the dog show, a medium-sized yellow-and-gray wolflike dog caught the attention of von Stephanitz, attending the show with his friend Artur Meyer.
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