My Dream Sewing Machine

My Dream Sewing Machine

My Dream Sewing Machine a Juki TL98Q
by Karen Erickson

Juki TL 98Q

Just when I thought I’d tried all the sewing machines out there, while teaching at the, I fell in love with the TL98Q lockstitch machine shown by, which was developed by Juki.
The TL-98Q performs truly consistent, smooth, even stitching to secure quilt seams and heavy thicknesses of fabric. The TL-98Q performs truly consistent, smooth, even stitching to secure quilt seams and heavy thicknesses of fabric.

Today’s sewer can now streamline projects as they operate basic sewing functions by foot pedal, simplify chain piecing by raising and lowering the presser foot by knee lift, efficiently trim threads quickly and enjoy a wider work area for larger quilts. The TL98Q sews at high speeds up to 1,500 stitches per minute, is equipped with drop feed, an automatic needle threader, easy bobbin replacement and an extension table as standard. Also provided are two great new quilting feet for free motion and embroidery, a 1/4 seam piecing foot, a walking foot for difficult-to -feed materials, and additional feet for hemming and zipper attaching.

Heavy-Weight Materials are Sewn with ease.The speed control mechanism, operated by microcomputer, allows the machine to sew material at low speeds. This provides for accurate feed and perfect stitching when sewing heavy-weight fabrics, quilting and multiple layers of materials. Not only perfect for quilting but also sewing home decor such as slipcovers, draperies, decorative pillows and bedding.


Longer arm and sewing bed for easy handling of quilts
High sewing speeds up to 1,500 spm
Basic sewing functions operated by foot pedal
Accurate automatic thread trimming by push button or foot pedal
Convenient automatic needle threader by lever
Needle up and down button for predetermined stop of the needle position
Two types of quilting feet supplied for free motion and free hand embroidery (1/5” for basic quilting and ¼” for precision sewing)
Feed dog can be raised and lowered by switch for drop feed
Knee lifter allows you to lift or lower the presser foot without using your hands
Presser foot can be raised up to 12mm
Easy bobbin replacement and automatic bobbin winder
Heavy weight materials are sewn with ease as well as multiple layers of fabric
Standard feet included with the machine: hemming, zipper attaching, even feed, compensating presser foot and two quilting feet

(May need to purchase adjustable zipper foot for stitching weltcord)

Juki TL98Q 6X9

Juki TL98Q 6X9″ Arm SS Sew Quilt Machine TL-98Q, 1500SPM, FreeMotion 1/4″ 1/5″, Hemmer Zipper Walking Feet, TRIM, 100 Needles, 25 Bobbins, 6 Threads*

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