NJ Workroom to Close if Girl Scouts Oursource to China

NJ Workroom to Close if Girl Scouts Oursource to China

Girl Scouts Outsource to China

I read about the Girl Scouts out sourcing in Thursday’s Arizona Republic Business Section and couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Next they will be out sourcing the cookies to China!

The Girl Scouts continue to raise the price of the cookies that we purchase every year.  Tell me  why they should  nickel and dime a US Workroom with 90 employees.

So I went searching and found this article from Cleveland.com Business.

PASSAIC, N.J. — The owners of a family-run New Jersey factory that makes uniforms for the Girl Scouts of America said they may be forced to close or lay off workers if the organization takes its business to China.

Jackie Evans Inc. employs 90 workers at its plant in Passaic, a once-booming manufacturing city in northern New Jersey, about 10 miles west of New York City. They’ve been making uniforms and sashes for the sole client for about a decade.

The Girl Scouts told the company a few weeks ago that it would be seeking bids, including one from a company in China, according to Domenick Monaco, the son of owner Mario Monaco.

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Write the Girl Scouts of America and voice  your opinion about outsourcing the uniforms to China. http://www.girlscouts.org/contact/email.asp

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