Sewing Down Cushion Covers

Sewing Down Cushion Covers

Why replace your cushions?

  • I’ve sat down and can’t get up
  • Bottom Out when you sit on sofa?
  • Fabric worn out?
  • Cushions are flat?
  • Furniture companies are using cheaper inferior foam because of oil prices.

If you have friends and family that enjoy your sofa and are on the heavier side of the scales, here it the best option.  Spring cushions with foam wrap and down envelope.  Firm but luxuriously soft and comfortable, a great way to rejuvenate your furniture.   When I first had my custom sofa built I purchased quality foam for the cushions and 4 years later the foam was starting to get softer and softer.   So I knew it was time for a cushion upgrade and I made a cushion investment for my sofa, what a great change.

The video below shows how to make custom down cushion covers that fit perfect.  If you ever need cushions, you can call for a price quote.  Warning! they are not inexpensive but they are worth every cent.

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