Tartan Plaid Fashions for Fall

Bright Yellow Throws by Keith Scott Morton & Country Living

Tartan Plaid Fashions for Fall

Tartan Plaid Fashions for The Home

The new and exciting look for fall is a touch of Tartan plaid.  Originating from Scotland, Tartan plaid is in my bones!  I’m so excited about the warm beautiful Tartan plaid fabric available for the fall, not to mention the plaid accessories for the home.

Trend Alert:  Tartan Plaid and a place where the pattern is always in style.Plaid chair from Elle DecorLamp Photos from Elle DecorDesk Set from Elle DecorCoffee Mug from Elle Decor






Photos from ElleDecor

From Elle Decor to Country Living, Plaids are a world wide in popularity.   Plaid can create a warm rustic style or a very classy style depending of the fabric texture and the plaid style.

The Art of Tartan Plaid in Home Decor and Fashions

No longer a stalid relic of Scots history, today’s plaids display unchecked exuberance with Highland-hip palettes.
By Julia Szabo and Country Living

Bright Yellow Throws by Keith Scott Morton & Country LivingTartin Bedroom by Keith Scot Morgan and Country LivingRed-Tartan-Shawl-Turned-Table cloth by Keith Scot Morgan

Brightly Colored Tartan Throws
Tartan’s new palette incorporates tropical colors that are more Aruba than Aberdeen. Its applications are likewise fresh.

Tartan Bedroom
Check it out! In a bedroom, tartan proclaims its ability to enhance anything it touches, from draperies to luggage to bed linens. Vintage mingles compatibly with new in this medley of plaids, for an especially cozy decorating scheme.

Tartan Dining Room
An elegant table setting repurposes plaid textiles–the “tablecloth” is actually a shawl; the napkins are sashes cut with pinking shears!

photos by  Keith Scott Morton from Country Living Magazine

What is your Tartan?  Try searching your Tartin at the Tartan Finder

I search my Tartin:  Buchanan  Buchanan Tartan

Buchanan Tartan FabricAsymmetric. In their 1850 book “The Clan and Family Tartans of Scotland” William and Andrew Smith of Mauchline wrote: The pattern here given seems to be universally considered the genuine Buchanan Tartan and we know that it is worn by Archibald Buchanan Esq, of Catrinebank, Ayrshire, whose father’s name is identified with one of the first cotton manufactories established in Scotland with Arkwright’s improvements.” The woven sample in the 1880 Clans Originaux agrees with this sett. Sample in STA’s Scarlett Collection.





Tartan Ferret


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