TempAssure Drapery Linings – R Value Ratings Test Results

TempAssure Drapery Linings – R Value Ratings Test Results

Summer has arrive in Arizona and it is time to cover windows and keep the Heat Out!  By using layers of drapery linings you can create up to a 310 R Value for window coverings.   The layering effect can be used in draperies and roman shades.  It will change a hot shinny summer home to a cool relaxed and livable space for your family.

The most effective layering is using face fabric (decorator fabrics), layer of interlining, and a heavier drapery lining such as Ruby Plus, Classic Sateen or Classic Nap.

Hanes Lining R Values-2 344×450 shophome4u.com  Temp Assure Drapery Linings create an insulating air barrier between the drape and lining material that actually raises the R-Value rating of a window, making it more energy efficient.  The unique surface construction of Temp Assure Linings greatly improves its ability to trap air and form an insulating barrier that prevents thermal loss.

Our Hanes Linings can increase the R-Value as much as 300% over unlined drapes!

Take a look at the complete R-Value Ratings Test

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