Tips and Tricks for Measuring Curtains

Tips and Tricks for Measuring Curtains

Tips and Tricks for Measuring Curtains or Draperies

Luxury Curtains by Sarah OxleyCurtains are a great asset to your home. They adorn windows in an elegant manner, and can create the illusion of a lighter room if you choose bright colors for said curtains. They can, however, also be a bit of nightmare. Wrong measurements resulting in them not fitting the window, or simply underestimated measurements can leave you with a pair of curtains that look fine, but aren’t how you pictured them. To avoid such a nightmare from happening, here are some tips and tricks for measuring curtains and curtain designs.

Measurement Tips

–         Measure The Width

The width of the curtain is the make or break part of measuring. Get this part wrong, and the material simply won’t cover the window, meaning you have either wasted money on buying ready- made curtains or you have wasted both time and money on making your own curtains.  To measure the width successfully, don’t measure the window, but measure the curtain rod or drapery pole that is on the window.

If you are measuring a curtain pole, be sure to measure the finials (decorative ends) of the pole, too. If your curtain rail has an overlap, then measure the rail, then the overlap section and add this onto your end measurement.

If you are adding a new curtain rod or drapery pole, then let it overhang the window width by 15 to 20 inches either side of the window.  This ensures that the curtains will be stacked evenly on the sides of the window and not block your view.

–         Measure The Length

The length of the window is where nothing technical can go wrong, but where you may be disappointed.  Curtain length depends on your own personal taste.  If you like long curtains, then option A of the diagram, in which the curtain is 1.5 to 2 inches off the ground if the best option for you.  For shorter curtains consider option B in which the curtain ends 1.5” to 3” above the radiator, or option C in which the curtain ends approximately 15” below the window sill.  Be sure to measure from the curtain rod or bottom of the curtain rings.

Consider cutting some spare material or paper to your measurements and holding them against the window to ensure that you get the length that is best for your window and your own personal taste.

Design Tricks

Curtains are becoming an ever more important design accessory, and there are some great tricks to incorporate them into your home décor. Bright and bold colors such as yellow and teal are highly popular this year, and you can use yellow curtains combined with some yellow cushions, lamp shades and rug to create a trendy design in your home with little effort.  Choosing brighter colors for your curtains is also a handy design trick for small rooms, as the brighter color makes the window area look larger there by underlining the illusion of a bigger room.

Another popular trend is to create a luxurious looking home at an affordable amount, and long curtains with impressive patterns in deep and dark colors are very good at doing just that. They draw the spectator’s attention toward them and set the tone of the room with their luxurious look.

This article was written by Sarah Oxley on behalf of Custom Curtains, providers of quality curtains to buy online.  Sarah is a home improvement enthusiast, who is often searching the web for the newest design trends and DIY tricks.

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