Upholstery Tips and Ideas

Upholstery Tips and Ideas for DIY Projects

Upholstery Tear Town
by modhomeecteacher-curbly.com

Upholstering can be a lot of fun especially when have good upholstery tips and ideas for your new project.  The Double Rock upholstery tools have been a great help with our DIY upholstery projects.

Tearing old furniture apart can be a messy and time consuming job, but with the right upholstery tools it is much easier.

Double Rock Staple Remover tool is an innovative design for pulling staples from wood and fabric without damaging either. It is built to pull staples in either a channel or on a flat surface. For a look at the steps to use the tool look below.   Attacks staples on a 45% angle so they can be removed with a twist of the wrist.

Here is a video on how to use the staple remover when taking out staples on a upholstery project.

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