Wear Red In February – Show Your Colors!

Wear Red In February – Show Your Colors!

A Toast to America’s Successful Women

Color sends a powerful message, especially when used in marketing or promoting ideas, products or services.  Be aware that those Crayolas of childhood can be a weapon or a magic wand…predisposing us to accept or reject the messenger.

The color RED is particularly strong in sending messages.  Symbolically,  it can communicate many things and many conflicting ideas.  I think of RED as the leadership color, but that can be good or bad.   RED is the color of the heart, love, blood, romance, the STOP light and STOP sign.  Fire engines are RED.  So are burning hot flames, as well as passion and desire.  Our face gets RED when we are upset or angry. But also, when we are embarrassed.  RED is the color of Kings, Queens and Knights. But it’s also the color of warriors.  The RED carpet is the ultimate walkway for all royalty, including the stars of film and TV who don’t always represent the elegance of the monarchy. Businessmen wear RED ties to symbolize power. Women leaders wear RED power suits to get attention and make a statement Nancy Pelosi wore RED often as Speaker of the House, and wore it well.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Here’s to the Sweet smell of Success for 2011.  In these economic times we need to support each others businesses.

We found this great article at the Women’s Leadership Exchange, written by Leslie Grossman.  Read More

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