Where Is Uruguay?

Where Is Uruguay?

My son Matthew and his family have live in Uruguay for over 10 years and definitely calling it home.   I visited several years ago and what a beautiful country even though it was late fall, almost winter.  You could walk to the community farmers market and select fresh veggies, fish, cheese and the flowers were amazing.  We gave our shopping list to a local delivery person and he filled the groceries list and delivered to their door.   More About Matthew’s New Project.

Casa Pueblo, Uruguay

The country is hidden between the surrounding larger countries Brazil and Argentina.    We took several day trips the first one was to Punta Del Este the Uruguayan Rivera  a beautiful resort area with beaches and entertainment.  Blessed with scenic wonders of Uruguay’s Atlantic Ocean Coast and dedicated to the good life, Punta Del Este  is defined as a  laid-back life style.  Even though it was wintery the resturants were wonderful and on the way back we stop at Casa Pueblo located in Punta Ballena.   Casa Pueblo was built by the artist Calros Paez Vilaro and I was lucky enough to return home with a signed piece of art.

During this period he painted hundreds of works. He carried out several exhibitions and left his talent on important murals. To satisfy his passion he worked on painting, sculpture, ceramic, cinema and literature that left unforgettable tracks. He met Picasso, Dali, De Chirico and Calder in their workshops and he lived with Albert Schweitzer amongst lepers in Lambarén´.

When he integrated the “Dahia” French Expediton, he performed a film called “Batouk” which was named to close the Cannes Cinema Festival.   A visit to Casapueblo was definitely a must, Carlos is a amazing artist.

There is to much to share but I will stop here and let you watch this video about Uruguay.

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