5 Mistakes to Avoid When Redecorating Your Bedroom

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Redecorating Your Bedroom

Renovating your bedroom should be a personal endeavor, as it is the most intimate room of the house. But since people generally do as they please when it comes to bedroom design, redecorating can become overwhelming and sometimes get out of hand. Here are five common mistakes you can avoid when changing the decor of your bedroom.

Choosing Too Many Colors

Redecorating Your BedroomIt’s easy to get a little color crazy but unless you want a rainbow theme choose just one main, one secondary and one accent color in your bedroom. The main color should make up about 60 percent of what you see, the secondary 30 percent and the accent 10 percent. If you add too many colors it will be distracting rather than inviting. Using primarily muted tones with a bright accent color will help the space feel restful.

Forgetting Your Windows

Even if you have a great view out of your bedroom windows, you’ll still want to think about your window coverings. Decorative curtains give the room a light, airy look, whereas dark, heavy shades can help with blocking out light. You can also experiment with shades, blinds and shutters, which allow you to let light in while still maintaining your privacy. A good window treatment can help tie the entire room together while regulating light.

Neglecting Storage

Yes, sleek modern furniture may have a great look, but it won’t be efficient if it doesn’t hold all of your stuff. If you’re changing up your furniture, make sure your new items have at least the storage capacity of your old ones, or more if your old ones weren’t big enough. Putting a storage bench at the foot of the bed is a great way to redecorate in a way that adds storage space.

Having Too Much or Too Little Light

Having insufficient or excessive bedroom lighting is a problem people generally find they have. The solution is to have lamps and lights in several areas throughout the room, and use windows for natural light. The bedroom is an essential place to have low-wattage light bulbs on hand. Changing between light and dark can be hard on your eyes if you don’t gradually work toward one or the other. But make sure there is enough high-wattage bulbs to light the whole room during the day in a way that is inviting, not harsh.

Too Many Pillows

Don’t fret about having a collection of pillows on your bed. They may look great in a magazine, but meticulously rearranging them every morning can be a hassle. Instead, choose just two or three accent pillows then focus your redecorating budget on a great headboard or a piece of art to put above the bed to bring interest to the area.

There are plenty of options to consider when redecorating, but make sure you avoid these common mistakes. You want your bedroom to reflect your taste and personality and to be a place you enjoy being in for years to come. Instead of striving for the ideal that you may see in advertisements, put together your room in a way that is functional for how you use it and makes you happy when you see it.

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