Acorn Squash Great Side Dish

Acorn Squash Great Side Dish

Acorn Squash

I return home from the grocery store with wonder fall squash to use for a photo shoot.  Now I need to cook the squash and the Butternut is a no brainier, but the Acorn Squash required some creativity in the kitchen.

So thinking about individual servings and presentation, I sliced the squash into rings.  Be very careful the squash is tough and it requires a large sharp knife to slice the squash.  I love my Wusthof kitchen knives they will slice thru everything.   Once I sliced the squash into rings I clean out the seeds and excess in the center.   Place each ring onto a piece of parchment paper (keeps my cookie sheets clean), spread a mild sweet mustard over the tops of the squash and carfullysprinkled brown sugar over the mustard.   I baked the squash about 40 minutes until it was tender and ready to serve.

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  • Dora Costa 17/11/2010 at 09:38

    So funny! I was online yesterday looking for an acorn squash recipe. I had two nice big ones that needed to be cooked. I ended up stuffing them with a mixture of chicken/parmesan sausage, onion, garlic, mushrooms, bread stuffing, yummy!

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