Parsons Chair Slipcovers

15/09/2016 Claudia 2 min read No Comments

What is a Parsons Chair? Parsons Chairs were design to for dining rooms, either a set of four or set of 2 which were placed at the end of the dining table. Because of their size and comfort they became […]

How to Sew Slipcovers

15/09/2016 Claudia 4 min read No Comments

Not all slipcovers are created equal! What should you be looking for in a custom slipcovers? Cost, Quality, Washable, Finished Seams, Welt Cording, Pre-Laundered Fabrics. Custom slipcovers are fabricated for you needs. Ready made slipcovers are less expensive but to […]

Pattern Matching on Slipcovers

02/10/2010 Claudia 1 min read 1 Comment

Enjoy this presentation about matching fabric patterns while fabricating slipcovers. Join us at the June 2011 Slipcover Summit to be held in Pittsburgh, PA Special Thanks to those who made the slipcovers in the presentation.