Where do you sew?

04/10/2012 Claudia 1 min read No Comments

Sewing rooms fascinate me and always have.  I will admit that I am a sucker for the magazines Where Women Create and Studio.  I just love peeking into other peoples sewing spaces. So, where do you sew?  Do you have […]

Share Sewing Projects and Crafts

30/09/2012 Claudia 1 min read No Comments

Share your Sewing Projects and Crafts with us at Sewing Online. Join our Free Sewing Forum and post you questions, photos and projects on the forum. Teach a online class about your favorite sewing projects or crafts. Be a guest […]

Teaching Home Decor Sewing

20/07/2012 Claudia 2 min read No Comments

We are looking for friends who enjoy teaching home decor sewing.  I’m posting this because of your incredible talents. Sewing and fabricating home decor or home furnishings is a great accomplishment for many us and it make us proud to […]

Al-Fresco Dining Environment

22/06/2012 Claudia 3 min read No Comments

During the summer months, al-fresco dining is a beautiful way to share a meal with friends and family. Dining outdoors changes the entire ambiance of dinner, bringing a close casualness that the warm months are made of. Two things to […]

How To Update Your Home Decor For Summer

06/06/2012 Claudia 3 min read No Comments

There are lots of ways you can freshen and redecorate your home decor for summer. However, before that happens, cleaning needs to take place. How do you tackle spring and summer cleaning? Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s best to just do […]

Using Focal Points to Decorate Your Home

31/05/2012 Claudia 3 min read No Comments

Home makeover shows typically feature the following similarities: an attractive host clean made-over rooms creativity very few nick-knacks focal points in each room A focal point is a particular place in the room where your eye naturally lands. It is […]

Curb Appeal with Custom Front Doors

30/05/2012 Claudia 3 min read No Comments

If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t paid too much attention to the doors of your property of late.  After all, when you think about doors, there’s not much to consider is there: they open and close and that’s […]