Singer Company Celebrates 160th Anniversary

08/02/2012 Claudia 2 min read 5 Comments

Since 1851, the name Singer has been synonymous with sewing. The spirit of practical design and creative innovation that characterized the company at its beginning continues today as we develop products for every level of sewing. We have celebrated many […]

Is Your Home Safe? Home Security Measures

25/01/2012 Claudia 2 min read No Comments

In a world where money and jobs are becoming increasingly scarce, the number of home burglaries that are taking place in the United States is on the rise. While the living situations of people differ drastically in this country based […]

Window Covering Safety

23/01/2012 Claudia 2 min read No Comments

When it comes to picking the proper window dressings, there are a lot of variables. Do you want vertical or horizontal blinds? Roman or cellular? Corded or cordless? Well, if you have children, that last one should be an easy […]

Window Coverings Safety Standards

06/12/2011 Claudia 3 min read No Comments

Just received this post from a friend and thought I would share it. Can you make a difference in the safety of window coverings? Dear Industry Friends, My involvement in cord safety standards has brought home a glaring change in […]

Christmas Gifts for Sewers

03/12/2011 Claudia 1 min read No Comments

ERGONOMIC TASK CHAIR A BETTER SEWING CHAIR The Score is a very comfortable chair to sit and work in. When it was developed, our goal was to create a no compromise operator chair that had an extra attention to comfort, […]

Sewing for Profit

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Do you Sew from home for profit?    There are many unemployed creating new home base business with their sewing machines.  Many times creativity creates income to feed the family and pay the bills.   Home Base Sewing Business such […]

Thoughts on Law

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by Country Thinker | November 14th, 2011 Thoughts on Law The tar­get of a new pro­posed ban. One of the func­tions of law is to define bound­aries for per­mis­si­ble con­duct. Con­sumer safety reg­u­la­tions pro­vide man­u­fac­tur­ers with min­i­mum stan­dards for per­mis­si­ble […]