Common DIY Home Fixes for New Home Owners

New Home Owners

Common DIY Home Fixes for New Home Owners

DIY Home Fixes and Repairs for New Home Owners

New Home Owners

DIY home fixes are at the top of your list when buying a pre-owned home.  It’s a great feeling knowing that you finally own a home. You’ve waited so long for the process to be over and, as you put down the first box you are moving in, you wonder what home improvement projects you’ll do first. Most new homeowners have a running list of projects they want to do for their new home. Everything from painting to taking down walls may be on your list! Before you get started, though, you’ll want to check out these quick and easy projects that are perfect for those people who want to quickly make a home their own and a safe one to live in.


#1 – Clean Those Vents

From the dryer to the heating vent, getting them clean helps you to breathe better. You don’t want to breathe in the same dust, debris, and dander the previous owner was breathing, do you? This is a fast project that takes just a few minutes to complete and yet it helps to ensure your air is clean.

#2 – Fix Those Holes

This is one of the easiest DIY home fixes, patching drywall is a do-it-yourself project that new homeowners can easily tackle. Even before you slide the big screen in place, take to patching any problem walls properly. It is a surefire way to help you to feel more at home and less living in someone else’s home.

#3 – Add a Security System

As a new homeowner, it is critical to protect your home from the unknown, not to mention your family. For this reason, it is time to install a new security system. Check all the security in your home, including lighting outside doors, new door locks, and improved motion sensors. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing you are protected. Its good do know which companies work with the best security cameras before you sign up for a home security system.  Make sure you do your research and also pay close attention to your budget.

#4 – Handle the Plumbing

Is the toilet moving really slow and flushing poorly? Perhaps you need to get that leaking faucet under control so you can sleep at night. Plumbing problems, especially clogged drains, are problems you don’t want to put off getting repaired. You may be able to roll up your sleeves and tackle these DIY home fixes  yourself, or simply call in a plumber to do it for you.

#5 – Fans and Lighting Problems

A light that does not work or a fan that wobbles needs your attention, too. Usually, a simple replacement of the fixture is all that’s necessary. You may even be able to simply tighten the bolts on a fan. However, when it comes to more intense electrical repairs, get a professional out to handle the problem instead. It’s critical to protecting your safety.

#6 – Paint It Your Own Color

Painting a room not only helps to give it the color you like, but it also helps to hide the dirt and smudges left from the previous owner. You’ll want to purchase a quality paint that provides enough protection. In areas where there is significant water, such as the bathroom, kitchen or basement, choose a mold-killing paint first. Then, paint it the color you love.

Don’t forget the exterior of your home, too. From the gutters to the maintenance of trees, there’s plenty of work to do as a new homeowner. Yet, with the proper tools and a bit of help from friends, these projects are all easy fixes worth doing.

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