EZ-Set Metal Grommet Curtains and Drapery

Tapped Grommet top

EZ-Set Metal Grommet Curtains and Drapery

EZ-Set Metal Grommet for Curtains & Drapery

EZ-Set Metal Grommet is available in two styles, round and square.  Beginner to advanced skills can use the EZ-Set grommets.EZ-Set Grommet

  • Light duty with an inside diameter of 1 9/16”.
  • Requires less force to set.
  • Corrosion resistant and available in six colors.
  • Sold in packs of 8 sets.
  • Also works with our Plastic Grommet

To insert most  Metal Grommets it requires a large investment in a Grommet Press $200 – $600Grommet Setter Press

  • Can cut holes and set grommets or buttons in single or multi-layered fabrics with proper cutting and setting die.
  • Dies available for 11 Grommet Sizes and range from $45 – $200 per size cutter and setter
  • Dies available for 7 Sizes of Button Forms (Snap Together & Crimp Types).
  • Fully adjustable for high leverage on light or heavy fabrics.
  • Must be mounted to a wood work table, mounting bolts are included.
  • It also requires Chipboard for the cutters and Lubricant
  • Cutting & Setting/Joining Dies are sold separately from Grommet/Button Press

So the EZ-Set Metal Grommet Setter is a Great Deal for $6.95

As you can see it is so easy to use a hand-setter for metal grommets.  The photos below show step by step how to set a metal grommet with the EZ-Set Metal Grommet Setter.

1. Trace diameter of the inside of the grommet onto the fabric.     2 . Place Grommet Setter on a solid surface

EZ-Set Grommet Setter EZ-Set Grommet Setter






3. Place Grommet with flange on Setter                          4. Place fabric over grommet

Bottom Gromment on SetterFabric over grommet







5. Set back on top  with teeth down                                      6. Place die top on and tap with mallet.

Back slide of grommet over fabricGrommet setter top over grommet







7. Tap top with rubber mallet                                              8 Remove grommet setter

Tapped Grommet topGromment bent over washer









9. Front Side of Grommet                           10. Back side of grommet

Front side of grommetBack Side of Grommet









The EZ-Set Grommets are available in Six colors and 2 styles: Round and Square
EZ-Set Metal GrommetEZ-Set Grommet

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