Fabric & Trim Glue for Home Decor Projects

Fabric & Trim Glue for Home Decor Projects

Have you been looking for shortcuts for your home decor sewing projects? Well, I will share the secret ingredient to add trims and fringes to your home decor sewing project. Rowley UV-Resistant Fabric and Trim Glue

Rowley Fabric and Trim Glue


Now available for your home decor sewing projects, craft projects and fun kid projects. This wonderful UV-Resistant Fabric and Trim Adhesive is perfect for most all home decor sewing and none sewing projects.

New to the retail market the FA05 Fringe Adhesive, dries clear. Will not yellow or crack from sun exposure. Fast initial tack makes applying trims much easier. Sets up in a few minutes, completely drying in 24 hours. Strong and flexible bond for a variety of shade cloths, window treatments & trim. Squeezable bottle with applicator tip. Water based adhesive is non-toxic, and has no fumes. Can NOT be subjected to below freezing temperatures prior to use, such as during shipment or storage.

I have been using the fabric and trim glue for pattern matching fabric seams, the fabric and trim glue is very easily use for glue basting.  Just iron and crease apattern matching photo from sonia quilts.blogspot fabric fold along the selvage of the fabric, then lay the two edges together and pin in place.  Next run a dot of glue down the entire fabric and press again to set the glue.  Fold open the fabric to the wrong side and stitch the fabric together using the crease line (called stitch in ditch).

Start your next home decor sewing project with Rowley Fabric and Trim Glue. I’m sure you will find so many other uses for this clear drying fabric and trim adhesive.

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  • Terry G 13/02/2013 at 10:08

    I am looking for the Rowley fabric vynal adhesive — the product # pint size FA40 gallon size SA45. If you do not sell do you know who does I have about 160 window shades i would like to make for my home. I appreciate your time.

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