Sewing Tips for Bed and Bath

Sewing Tips for Bed and Bath

Bed and Bath – Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, Bed Skirts

Is it time to decorate your bed and bath? Don’t know where to start? Learn about making easy shower curtains, duvets, bed skirts, end table skirts, pillow and shams for your bedroom.

Quick way to change a Shower Curtain to a Window Curtain with Sealah Tape

Changing this long Shower Curtain

This is one of the easiest bed and bath ideas, recycle a shower curtain into a window curtain with our double sided adhesive called Sealah Tape.

  • Cut the shower curtain to correct length
  • Add blanket binding with Sealah Tape
  • Hang with shower curtain hooks on recycled pole

Tips for Sewing Duvet Cover

  • Use drapery led free bead weight to measure the bed for a duvet cover, the bead weight drapes over the bed like fabric so you can determine the correct measurement for the side drop.
  • Ask if the pattern repeat on your fabric is a full drop or a half drop repeat. Half Drop repeats require more fabric when making a duvet cover.
  • Use Duvet Snaps in the corners and on the sides of your duvet to keep it in place.

Snap Strips for Sewing Duvet CoverSnap Strip Packs for Duvets

Strips are made of white 100% cotton sateen fabric with white snaps already attached.
Ready for sewing into Duvet Inserts and Covers. No special setting tools are needed.
Keeps duvet insert from shifting around inside the cover.
Fast to sew; look more finished and professional than twill tapes.
Two styles of snap strips:
Side Snap Strips are 2 1/4” with snap at one end for duvet sides.
Corner Snap Strips are 6” long with snap in middle for duvet corners.

You can find the Snap Strips at

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