Grommet Drapery

Grommet Drapery

No Sew Grommet Drapery Panels are Quick and Easy To Make.

No Sew Grommet DraperyThe no sew grommet drapery was made with Sealah Tape, no sewing! Quick and easy to make no sew grommet drapery panels.

There are many types of grommets for draperies and curtains. A Commercial Grommet Press will run $100 to $500 plus the cost of the dyes and cutters. If you like to do you own thing and cut cost Home Fashions U offers 2 styles of easy install grommets.

Fashionable and affordable plastic grommets with 1 3/8” inside and 2 1/8” outside diameter, similar to #10 size. No tools required. Easy snap together installation. Accommodates up to 3/32” of fabric. Remove by prying apart with screwdriver. Use of buckram in grommet header is strongly recommended. These grommets are available in 6 colors

No Sew Grommet Tape and Grommets.

The no sew grommet drapery tape can be placed on the drapery header with Sealah Tape or you can sew it to the header, I prefer using Sealah Tape because of the stitching lines on the front of the drapery. Once the Grommet Header Tape is in place , use a 18mm Olfa Rotary cutter and cut the fabric from inside each grommet circle on the grommet tape. Turn your drapery over with right side up and snap the plastic grommet into the grommet hole, the grommet tape has a metal ring on the back side and the grommet will just click into place. I have uses a rubber mallet to tap the grommet in place.

Grommet Tape with Tabs Download Free Instructions

No Sew Grommet Drapery Tape with Plastic SpacersAvoid the hours of installing single grommets only to find headings sagging. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

  • Sew or No Sew the grommet tape to the fabric.
  • Punch out fabric in grommets. Snap in decorative rings.
  • Save mountains of time. Easy, No-Fail system! There are no grommets to punch.
  • They are incorporated in the tape..
  • No measuring, the grommets are spaced evenly.
  • No headings that sag. The tape is also a stiffener.
  • No unsightly squeezed folds.
  • Sharp retaining spacers prevent folds from being squeezed.
  • Grommets are waterproof, rust proof, light weight, and washable!

The Grommet tape is 100% polyester 3-1/8″ wide and has 1-5/8″ ID (Inside Diameter opening) grommets, or 2-3/8″ wide and has 3/4″ ID grommets, which fit all popular drapery poles. They are evenly spaced with approximately 8 grommets per yard. Plastic spacers built into the grommets allow you to form shape retaining folds. This is figured for double fullness.

HOW-TO MEASURE: Just measure your Drapery rod in inches, multiply it by 2, then divide by 36″ to get the yardage you will need. If you like it extra full, you can always increase to 2-1/2, or even 3 x’s for lighter weight fabrics.

Multiply the yardage figure by 8 to figure the amount of Decorative Snap-On Rings you will need. Save any extra rings for future replacements if necessary. Note: It may be necessary to adjust cut width to accommodate spacers. (Allow ending hole on EACH end to go back to the wall.

DECORATIVE RINGS: Snap into the grommets and come in metal finishes and colors. They are interchangeable. Their smooth plastic material does not scratch the paint or finish of your drapery hardware. They are Rust Proof because they are NOT metal, but a light-weight plastic that moves easier, and thus are washable

no sew grommet drapery and grommet tapeGrommets sold separately $2.45 each and the Tape is $6.95 per yard

Grommets and tape are shipped priority mail 2-4 days after we receive your order. You will be notified if there is a back order on any products.

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