Holiday Photo Centerpiece & Napkins Holder

Holiday Photo Centerpiece & Napkins Holder

Printing Photos in Black & White

Only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving, where has the year gone?  I’m having friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to do something a little different for the table setting this year.  Recently I acquired old family photos that had been scan into digital format and I have lots of recent family photos that I can use for the table setting.

If you don’t have photos, ask your guest send photos of themselves.  You can print them in black and white or sepia and it is best to print many different sizes for your display, you can spray-mount the photos to card stock.

Next I select a photo of each guest and printed it in wallet size on my printer, trimmed the photo to the shape desired,  punch a hole at each end of the photo with a hole punch.  Threaded wire ribbon through the holes for a napkin holder.

Here are the  Complete Instructions

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