How to Sew Draperies and Curtains

Draperies and Curtains

So you want to learn how to make draperies?  Well there are many different opinions about fabricating or sewing draperies and curtains.   There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before starting this new project.  Watch the Videos below on how to use Drapery Header Tapes.

Drapery Header Styles – How to Sew Drapery Tapes

Fabrics & Linings
Drapery Hardware
Utility Cost & Light Factors

Your window treatments can be a major expense when decorating your home.  The average price for quality home decor fabric is $20 -$75 a yard but you can find Great deals from! Click here

When you are on a budget you can find great resources for less expensive fabrics, but there are things to consider like the fabric is not woven on the straight of the grain ( will hang lopsided), flaws, repeats that don’t match, color printing is off and more.  It’s best to watch the sales person roll the fabric out or Do Not Cut until you have check for irregulars flaws in the fabric so you can return it.

OK, no more warnings!  Lets get to the basics, how to sew draperies and curtains and how to measure for fabric need for making a drapery panel.

  •  When buying fabric you should figure your finish length + 18 inches and this will give you a little leeway.   Finished length is 100″ +18″=118″
  •  For the width, most draperies are 2.5 times fullness: Window is 100″ wide x 2.5 = 250 inches and then you divide it by the width of your fabric which is normally 54″  = 4.6 widths of fabric ( just round up to 5 widths)
  • Length 118″ x 5 widths = 590″ divided by 36″ (1 yard) =16.3/8 or 17 yards.
  • Always consider the pattern repeat, fabric and style.

Click here to see the basic process of making a Drapery Panel

How to make Grommet Draperies

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