How to Sew Perfect Pleats

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How to Sew Perfect Pleats

How to Sew Perfect Pleats With Quick Pleaters

Using the Quick Pleater makes it easy to sew perfect pleats and  pleating is so easy, they are available in 2 different size sets.  Mini Set includes 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″  Reg Set includes 2″, 3″, 4″

Determine the length of your pleating project.  You can find all great pleating tools at HomeSewingDepot.comsew perfect pleats

Pleated Skirt for Slipcover, Pleated Flange on a Pillow, Pleated Dust Ruffle,  Bed Skirt or Pleated Edge on Cushions.

Measure area of where you want to attach pleated trim.

Knife Pleats – Area x 3      Boxed Pleats –  Area x 6

Example – Diameter around your project is 30 inches

Knife Pleat 30 x 3 = 90 inches of fabric needed plus seam allowance
Box Pleat   30 x 6 = 180 inches of fabric needed plus seam allowance

Determining the Width of the Pleat.

If you are making a skirt measure from the decking down to the floor or the welt cord to the floor to determine the skirt length. you If you are making a trim for a pillow or table runner (determine the width of the pleated ruffle)

Example – Finished Pleat Width is 4 inches, seam allowance is 1/2 inch = 41/2 inch.  Take  41/2 x 2 = 9″ for the cutting width of the fabric.

We suggest you self line the pleat instead of hemming the bottom of the fabric.

Preparing Trim:  Stitch all lengths of fabric together to form one long length.   Fold and press in half lengthwise and wrong sides together.  Serge or stitch together long the top edge.  Pleat trim as described for knife or box perfect pleats

Order your Quick Pleater Today!  Great Gift for anyone who wants to sew perfect pleats.

Read What People are Saying!

I received the pleater tool yesterday and I have made miles and miles of pleats in the last 24 hours! OK, maybe not miles, but I have had the most fun with these. I am brand new to slipcovering, but I decided to slipcover a little vanity stool and I sewed the 2? pleats on it and it really looks amazing. I don’t think it looks like a beginner’s work at all. Then I decided to pleat ribbon to sew on the bottom of linen towels that I will monogram for Christmas. But my favorite thing so far…I made a strip of 1? pleats out of burlap to go completely around a burlap runner that I need for Thanksgiving. I lined it and it is fabulous.


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