How to Turn A Few Ordinary Items Into An Extraordinary Floor Lamp

How to Turn A Few Ordinary Items Into An Extraordinary Floor Lamp

How to make a floor lampIf you’re shocked at the prices for lamps, lighting of any kind, even at the “box stores,” then here’s an easy, inexpensive way to make your own floor lamp using whatever you have laying around, and a few inexpensive purchases.

This way you end up with exactly what you’re looking for versus having to pay for the “next best thing.”

Here we go:

1. Choose a planting container – I’m big on shades of green, and when I saw this plant holder at our local Lowe’s, it was a done deal. I had to have it, but not for plants. I just wanted it, the price was well under $20. I knew something would come to mind (and it did as I was leaving the store).

2. A few lengths of bamboo – these I picked up at a local art/hobby retail chain. If memory serves they were less than $10 for all three. My first intention had been to use them as curtain rods (so I had them laying around at home for ages), but what I really needed was a floor lamp.

3. Floor lamp assembly kit – you just need the inner workings for your lamp. You can choose to make yours just high enough for table top placement or “go big” like I did for the floor lamp model. (Be sure to check the length of the cord so you know you have enough to plug it in where you want it.)

4. Rocks, shells, a few fake plant parts – you’ll fill the planter with whatever strikes your eye. In our case, we had a ton of sea shells and rocks (my son had a passion for rocks as a child). I also had a few “leftovers” from previous fake plants I wasn’t displaying, so I grabbed a few sprigs here and there.

At this step you have a choice – it all depends on whether or not you plan on moving your new lamp often. What I did was place a few heavier pieces in the bottom, cut a round circle from cardboard (any box will do), and use the cardboard as a shelf at the top of the container. We added the seashells, etc., around the top of the planter by placing them on the cardboard (it’s much lighter this way for moving later).

5. Assembly your lamp kit (here I’m going to just tell you, read the directions, it’s not hard to put together) – then twist tie your bamboo around the “stick” part of the kit.

Ideally I wanted the floor length smack dab in the middle of the three pieces of bamboo. This did not happen, so I’d suggest if you like the bamboo idea, get four lengths. The floor rod will sit evenly inside the four pieces of bamboo.

Also don’t worry about the twist ties, you’re going to hide these – or if you can come up with another creative way to keep all the bamboo tight around your center post, go for it (and be sure to leave your solution in the comments below!).

6. Lamp shade choices – here’s where you can go overboard, but you don’t have to… I got an inexpensive (again around $10) lamp shade that I felt went with the overall theme (again at Lowe’s). It was the only one left and on sale to boot.

Well you can tell by the pictures how your floor lamp will look. Depending on your decor, just gather your pieces together and go for it! “Cheap” floor lamps (besides looking cheap) aren’t cheap. And, if you are budget conscience, or just enjoy putting your own pieces together, this is a really fun project.

So put your talents to work and build your own floor lamps and/or table top lamps. You’ll save a bundle and have lots of fun doing it!


In her spare time, Theresa Cahill loves home decorating and do-it-yourself projects. That’s in her spare time. You’ll normally find her at the computer or on the phone assisting others with their online marketing and advertising. Stop by MyWizardAds and see how her services can help you promote your crafts and creations to others online!


  • Barbara 28/05/2012 at 13:47

    Wow!! This really looks nice, and quick to do. Best of all you made what you had a need for, its unique, and at a bargain price. I love it!

    • Claudia 29/05/2012 at 07:05

      Very easy to make a creative floor lamp. We offer many DIY Kits for Home Decor Projects, my favorite is the Styrofoam Cornice Kits. You can new window treatments in minutes and you can coordinate them with your new floor lamps.

    • Theresa 09/06/2012 at 11:02

      Thanks Barbara! And as an added bonus I was able to actually do something with all the rocks and shells that were literally gathering dust LOL!

  • Linda 28/05/2012 at 17:09

    What ia great idea! I certainly can say that this obviously cost much less than a regular floor lamp. However, you could of used some duct tape on the bottom and top to keep the bamboo together. 😀 But recycling the rocks, cardboard, shells, etc. is a great green tip! Do you want to come and decorate my place? You would be most welcome! 😀

    • Claudia 29/05/2012 at 05:51

      I prefer using Sealah Tape, a double sided machine washable adhesive tape made for home decor and craft projects.

    • Theresa 09/06/2012 at 11:03

      Thanks Linda! Yes I considered duct tape, but really didn’t want it to show. I see Claudia has a suggestion that I’m going to check out 🙂

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