How To Update Your Home Decor For Summer

How To Update Your Home Decor For Summer

There are lots of ways you can freshen and redecorate your home decor for summer. However, before that happens, cleaning needs to take place. How do you tackle spring and summer cleaning? Don’t be overwhelmed. It’s best to just do one project at a time and don’t try to stick to a schedule; just work at your own pace.

Updating Your Home Decor for Summer Starts with Spring Cleaning Craziness

Update Home Decor for Summer
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Most people have the hardest time tackling large cleaning projects, such as the garage. You may still have Christmas decorations in boxes hanging around, car parts like the Mustang accessories your husband needs for his sporty car, lawnmowers and even bicycles. Take a look around and assess the situation, then start by pulling everything out of the garage so you can clean the garage itself.

Once you’ve cleaned the surface of the garage, check out the stuff you’ve pulled out and box it up properly. Donate items you don’t need or won’t use, and put stuff you won’t use for awhile in the attic. Think about purchasing storage solutions such as a bike hanger for bicycles and tool pegs for loose tools. Once everything has a place, it will be a lot easier to keep your garage clean and ready for summer.

Tackle Your Home

The easiest way to freshen your home decor for summer is to open the windows! It provides an instant lift to your home and mood. Let some sun in to air out your home and start dusting away the winter. Dust ceiling fans, shelves, knickknacks and everything that’s been sitting all winter.

Decorating your home for summer doesn’t have to cost much. It can be as simple as adding some fresh, colorful flowers in vases to each room, buying some neat wind chimes for the porch, or switching rugs and throw pillows to brighter spring shades.

Keep It Sunny

If you really want to break out of the winter doldrums, buy some new paint! A cool color like lemon yellow, mint green or ocean blue can brighten any room. If you’re not brave enough to paint an entire room, paint one accent wall to instantly energize your living room or office.

These cool, soothing spring and summer shades are also said to be relaxing! Keep the windows open as much as possible to let natural light into your home, which is the perfect way to get ready for warm weather and doesn’t cost a thing.

Maintaining A Fresh, Clean Home

Keeping your home spring fresh and upbeat during the warmer months is a breeze. Don’t forget your yard. Keep the grass mowed and add some warm weather touches, such as a pretty birdhouse or birdbath, colorful lawn chairs to enjoy the sunsets in and bright doormats. Not only will you want to be around the house more, but your husband will have more room in the clean garage to store all of his Ford Mustang parts!

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