How to Use a Circular Table Skirt Template

22-PF7-2T large circular template

How to Use a Circular Table Skirt Template

Great Circular Table Skirt Templates

A circular table skirt is very easy to make with the circular table skirt template and a great way to add color and fun fabrics to a room.  Circular tables are available in many widths and heights.  You can even purchase a round wood circle from a lumber store and add the flanges with screw in legs, for very little money.

Recycle end table with Round circular table skirtRound Table Skirt Here is a photo of a old octagon end table that has a round plywood circle attach to it’s top, voilà a new round table! It is amazing what you might have sitting around the house or find at a recycle reuse outlet.  Just screw the wood to the table top and cover with a circular table skirt made with the circular table skirt template.

You can use any round table for a decorator accent table and be sure to measure the size you need before shopping for the round table.  You can purchase table kits and bedding stores or circular cut plywood at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s  hardware stores.

Now that you have your round decorator accent table and your ready to make a circular table skirt, lets measure the table to calculate the yardage needed for the table cloth.

uMewasuring a round decorator table 1. Start by measuring the height of the table x 2 (both sides) then measure the distance across the table and add the seam allowance.  If you are going to hem the round table skirt allow 3/4″ – 1″ on each side or x 2 and add it to your measurement.

I highly suggest lining the table skirt and adding a small welt cording at the bottom.  It is much easier to sew the two pieces (face fabric & lining) and turn it right sides out than turning up a hem on a bias cut circle.

2.  Using the table for an example:  Both sides and top measures 90″ + Hem allowance.

Most decorator fabric is 54″ wide, it will require 2 cuts of fabric the same length depending on the pattern match. You will need to sew the fabric together and I have included a diagram on how you would cut and sew the fabric.   At this time I won’t go into how to pattern match the fabric but there is a article about matching patterns on our blog.

layout for cutting fabric - round table cloth

3.  Now that you have cut your fabric in 3 sections (depending on pattern match) it is time to sew the 2 narrower fabrics on the 54″ wide section of fabric. If you have a serger we suggest that you serge the edges before sewing the seams together.  In the diagram below you can see that you sew a small section to each edge of the 54″ width of fabric.

sewing fabric for round table skirt

Now that you have your fabric sewn together its time to in half and in half one more time.  It will be in a semi square 54″x46″ and you are ready to watch the video on how to use the circular table skirt template.  The Circular Table Skirt Template are available in to sizes.

Small 18″-73″ Circular Skirt Template22-PF6-2T Small Circular Skirt Template

  • Perfect way to create round table covers or Christmas Tree Skirts
  • For drawing a perfect circle from 18” to 73” in diameter.
  • Clear, transparent material.
  • Template shows 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4” and whole inch increments.
  • Use this template together with our Fabric Marking Pens.

Large 73″-144″ Circular Skirt Template22-PF7-2T large circular template

  • Sew Beautiful Round Table Covers and Table Cloths with the Circular Template
  • Makes circles with diameters from 72” to 144” in 1” increments.
  • Transparent for positioning on a patterned fabric.
  • Used to make round table covers or anything large and circular.
  • Instructions are printed on template.
  • For use with our Marking Pens 22-PM221.

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