New Window Treatments for 2013

New Window Treatments for 2013

Are you ready for new window treatments for 2013?

Winter is here and we are all spending more time inside our homes, as I sit and look around the room the creativity kicks in!  I don’t know about your home but mine home could use a facelift.  Now is the time to start thinking about new window treatments for 2012 and how you can change the paint colors, window treatments, accent pillows and maybe even slipcovers

New window treatments for 2013 are still including grommet draperies styles, across the top and down the leading edge of your drapery panels.  Grommets are not outdated for 2013.  Home Fashions U has launch a special decorating sale on all grommets and drapery headers.

EZ-Set Metal Grommets are great for any room or if you prefer a bolder look the #15 double sided grommets are very popular and are available in several shapes.

Square Style Plastic Grommets#15 Triangle Plastic GrommetsYou can even use the grommets on ready made draperies or stop by the local recycle store and dress up a few pairs of previously own draperies.

Now that you have finished the new window treatments for 2013 it’s time to add a few grommet pillows to match the room.

This easy Grommet Pillows can be made in just a few hours and you can get so creative with fabrics that match your new window treatments.

shashGrommet  Download the Free Instructions Here!

Complete Supply list and 10% OFF All Grommets in January.


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