Pillow Design Books by Jo Woodworth

Pillow Design Books by Jo Woodworth

1001 Design Ideas for Pillows

I’m so excited, my favorite Pillow Sketch Books arrived this week and they are up on the site for sale again.

These 2 books are Designer’s and Workroom’s best tool to use for fabricating and designing custom pillows.

The books have been out for several years and I sold my last copy to a student and I can’t tell you how much I have missed these books.

Written and Illustrated by Jo A Woodworth.  I have used these books more than any other educational material I have purchase in the last 10 years.  Jo will be discontinuing the hard copies of both books.  If you want to add these wonderful books to your library, Now is the time to order.

CD’s are available also at this time.

1001 Pillow 1- 450 sketches and overlays for square pillows and neckroll pillows.

1001 Pillows 2 – 350 sketches and overlays for rectangle, boxed and striped pillows.  #2 also has suggested layouts for pillow placement.

There are a limited amount of these books left in print. Do NOT Wait to order!

The CD is great and you can print the sketch’s but if you are a hands-on person and love books the way I do, you will want to order today.

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