Roman Shade Supplies

Roman Shade Supplies and Instructions for NO Sew Roman Shades

Roman Shade Supplies Using the right supplies is the first step to creating a beautiful do it yourself Roman Shade. Take a online shade class and make a sample shade for practice.

Lets start with parts needed to make a Roman Shade.  Going from the top down.

Board mounted shade or using a RBS Headrail?

Roman Shade Mounting Board
Roman Shade Headrail System

There are several ways to mount you roman shade and the less expensive way would be a plain board from you local lumber store.

When using a board to mount you Roman Shade we suggest that you wrap it with fabric (either lining or matching fabric).  You will use L Brackets to wall mount the board.

I prefer the RBS System by Forest Company.    Elegant shaped aluminum profile head rail, with integrated Velcro hook tape.  Simple quick to install with smart click bracket, wall  or ceiling  mount installation .  Only 1-3/8″ Wide x 1-1/2″ High. Maximum shade size is 228″  (19 ft) wide X 144″ (12 feet) as long as the fabric is under 40 pounds.   Assembled with shade cords and lift cord.   Optional Flat Weight Bar Available.

When board mounting the Roman Shade you can use screw rings and just run you cords through the back of the shade and up to the board and use a cleat on the wall to anchor the shade when you lift it up.

The best choice with a board mounted shade is to use a Cord Lock system that will lock the shade in place at the level you would like.  A shade cord pulley will also allow the cords to move smoothly when raising and lowering the Roman Shade.

Roman Shade Cord Lock
Roman Shade Cord Pulley
Screw Rings
Drill Bit for Screw Rings

Rib Tape

Most professionals prefer to use some type of ribs to stabilize the Roman Shade when it is lowered and raised.   No-Sew way of attaching our Roman Shade Ribs to the back of a Roman shade.  Roman Shade Twill Tape with adhesive on both edges of one side for ironing/bonding to the Roman Shade.  This tape makes it very easy to add rib support to pre-existing shades.  Width: 1”.

Roman Shade Ribs

Rigid plastic. Supports folds and pleats on Roman/ Hobbled Shades when placed in a small tuck or pocket on the back or front of the shade.
Available in 3/16”  diameter and in 5′  lengths with center hole for splicing to accommodate wider shades to eliminate scrap.   Also used on Hobbled Shades, at the ring stitches, to help keep the folds straight.  Clear is designed for use with sheer fabrics. Ivory provides more rigidity.

Roman Shade Rib Tape
Roman Shade Ribs

Last thing you will need is the Plastic Rings, Brass Rings and Shade Adjuster Orbs for the bottom.   We also offer a Ring Gun to insert the rings similar to a tag gun.

Roman Shade Plastic Rings

Will not become brittle and break from sun exposure. Will not melt if touched by hot iron.  Sometimes referred to as Bone rings.  High abrasion resistance. Suitable for fabric shades, tie backs, etc. Diameter: 3/8” Inside – 5/ 8” Outside.

Roman Shade Brass Rings

Rings with 3/8” inside diameter have 7/16” outside diameter.   Available in Brass or Nickel Finishes.  Nickel blends well with white lining.
Regular ring with 1/2” inside diameter has 9/16” outside diameter.

Roman Shade Adjuster Orbs

Use at bottom of soft shades to easily adjust lift cords without tying a knot.
Each pack contains 10 pieces.

Plastic Sew-on Rings
Metal Sew-on Rings
Cord Adjuster Orb
  • raise and lower the shade.   The clear plastic split rings are use to connect the layers when fabricating a London Shade.

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