How to Sew Goblet Drapery

How to Sew Goblet Drapery

How to Sew Goblet Drapery with Drapery Tape

Watch Goblet Drapery Tape Video Below

Goblet Drapery Pleats with Buttons Carole FabricsUsing Goblet drapery tape creates a look that is achieved by by high-end custom drapery workrooms and are stunning when finished and installed in your home. Goblet draperies will adapt to traversing drapery rods but are use mostly in stationary panels.

When measuring for goblet draperies the standard fullness is 2.5 to 3 times full to create luxurious drapery design. Goblet Draperies can also puddle on the floor when used as a stationary panel.

Goblet Drapery Tape will simplify the construction process of making your draperies, just sew on the goblet drapery tape and pull the enclosed strings to create the spacing and the goblet.

Goblet Drapery Tape

How to Sew Goblet Draperies Sew-On Goblet Header Tapes are made with White Polyester. Simply sew to panel and pull cords to create distinctive drapery heading. Goblet Drapery Tape is also available by the the yard or full 36 yard roll. Watch the Video on how to sew goblet draperies.

Goblet drapery tape pleats have 5” spacing. Two-prong curtain hooks (DP20) are used to hang panels for all tapes except Deep Pleat tape, which uses Four-prong curtain hooks and End Pins.

Goblet Drapery Tape is available at Home Fashions U Store

Ruched Goblet Drapery from Details PatternRibbon Trim on Goblet Drapery Panels by Details Patterns Ribbon Goblet Pleat Pattern 3000

Ruched Goblet Pleat Pattern 3001

Patterns can be order at the Home Fashions U Store



For Complete Instructions to make Goblet pleat draperies Download Now.

Calculate Fabric for Goblet Drapery Tape

Calculate the total number of fabric widths needed:

  • Multiply the drapery rod width by 2.25, divide the answer by the fabric width, round the answer up to the nearest full number.

Calculate the drapery panel cut length:

  • Add 1/2” for folded back at the header, 8“ for a double folded bottom hem and 1” shrinkage allowance (Total 91/2”) to the finished drapery panel length.
  • Add one pattern repeat if pattern match is required.

Total fabric requirement:

  • Multiply the drapery panel cut length by the number of fabric widths needed. Convert the answer to yardage.


Rod width is 44“; finished drapery panel length is 72”. Fabric width is 54“ with 6” pattern repeat.

The total number of fabric widths needed is 44” x 2.25 ÷ 54 = 1.8, round up to 2. Each drapery panel will be made of one width of fabric.

The drapery cut length is 72” + 9 1/2” = 81 1/2”. Add the pattern repeat, 81 1/2“ + 6” = 87 1/2“.

The total fabric requirement is 87 1/2” x 2 ÷ 36 = 5 yards

Once you purchase your fabric you will be amazed at how easy it is to sew goblet draperies.


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