How To Sew Lined Drapery Panels

How To Sew Lined Drapery Panels

So Easy to Sew Lined Drapery Panels

To sew lined drapery panels you will need to measure your windows and calculate the fabric needed.

  • One width of fabric
  • One width of drapery lining
  • One width if interlining especially if you have harsh weather conditions (Heat or Cold – 350 R Value with Interlining)
  • Blind Hemming Machine, blind stitch on a home sewing machine or hand sew the hems ( I find with silk it is best to hand hem your draperies depending on the weight of the silk.

When planning to sew lined drapery panels measure your fabric cut length and cut the face fabric, lining. When using interlining serge the bottom it is to bulky for a hem so cut it 8″ shorter than your other fabrics.

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How to Sew Lined Drapery Panels

You will find it easier when make your hem on the bottom or sides of the fabric to press the first fold which would include the total inches in the hem.


Example: Double 4″ hem – I fold 8 inches and press then fold 4″ under to create the double 4″ hem.

Example: Side hem I fold 3″ and press and then fold under 1 1/2″. By doing this you will have straighter hems.

It is best to steam all of your fabrics and pre shrink them, especially the cotton interlining. Do not steam silk, it is very easy to water spot.

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