Sewing Bedding-Duvets,Bed Skirts,Shams

Sewing Bedding-Duvets,Bed Skirts,Shams

Discover how to sew bedding, that includes Duvets, Bed Skirts or Dust Ruffles and Pillow Shams.

How to sew a Duvet
How to sew a Duvet

When you want that touch of elegance and sophistication for your bedroom, look no further than designer bedding. Designer bedding is a beautiful way to uniquely spice up your bedroom décor. Many styles are one-of-a-kind or exclusive to a particular season, so you know you’re getting something special.

With designer bedding, your choices go beyond what you would find in an everyday linen store. Here, you will find bedding of different and new materials, splashed with a unique pattern and filled with detailed embroidery or hand stitching.

Sewing Duvets is one of the easiest sewing projects you can make. Learn how to measure the bed for a perfect fit, decide what type of insert you want to put inside of your duvet.

What is a Duvet? du·vet/d(y)o?o?v?/ A flat case (like a pillow case) with a closure. You can use buttons, zippers, snaps, or velcro for the closure.

  • How to measure the bed.
  • How to figure the yardage needed for your duvet.
  • What type of closure will you use on your duvet?
  • Will you wash or dry clean the duvet? (If Dry Cleaning you my use decorative trims)
  • What type of insert? Down and Feather or Polyfill


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