Teaching Home Decor Sewing

Teaching Home Decor Sewing

We are looking for friends who enjoy teaching home decor sewing.  I’m posting this because of your incredible talents. Sewing and fabricating home decor or home furnishings is a great accomplishment for many us and it make us proud to share our talents in clients homes.

Teaching Home Decor Sewing Online

For the last few years Karen and I have been on the road teaching home decor sewing across the US and Canada, what we have discovered is there is a great need for teaching home decor sewing classes and this is why we are launching www.HFUSewingOnline.com .  Do to the costly travel, hotels and limited time it is much easier to watch a class while learning and sewing at the same time.

I recently just retired my workroom and many of us are getting closer to retirement age or change of lifestyle age!  We are hoping that HFU Sewing Online will will keep our trade alive and encourage DIY sewers to discover a very lucrative career in the home furnishings industry.

This will also encourage students to participate in hands on education with other learning establishments in our industry. Like the old saying Some Will, Some Won’t and Sew What!

I will be glad to send you a outline of our program for teaching home decor sewing.  We are looking for professional instructors for our DIY Learning Site and creating residual income for you.   Sharing and caring is rewarding to others and ourselves.

Beginner to Advance Sewing Classes

The classes can range for beginner (simple projects) to advanced.  We know that everyone has different learning skills and teaching skills, so we will be offering several options on the same topic.

We will gladly add more classes with your suggestions but the Nav Bar on the top of our website is our starting point.  I will be adding free info for the next few days.

If you can put a power point together we have staff to narrate your power point for your.  Please email us back with your thoughts and suggestions.  instructor@fhusewingonline.com

Claudia and Karen

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