Using Focal Points to Decorate Your Home

Using Focal Points to Decorate Your Home

Home makeover shows typically feature the following similarities:

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  • an attractive host
  • clean made-over rooms
  • creativity
  • very few nick-knacks
  • focal points in each room

A focal point is a particular place in the room where your eye naturally lands. It is the highlight of the room, the main attraction, and draws the primary attention when you enter. Focal points help you to decorate your home, because they remind you to keep the decorating simple. Too often people make the mistake of creating a focal point on every surface, thereby nullifying any focus whatsoever. You can use any of the following items as focal points, but resist the temptation to use them all in one room.


In a room full of neutral colors, a brightly colored chair or sofa becomes the focal point. In a minimalist room, a wire coffee table can become the focal point. Beds are often the focal point in any bedroom because they are the reason for the room and generally take up the greatest amount of space. In the dining room, the table is the focal point for the same reason. An argument could be made for the center piece being the focal point, but this section is about furniture. In order to make a piece of furniture a focal point, it needs only to contrast in some way with its surroundings. The difference can be color or texture or shape, but the contrast should be obvious.


There are numerous people who try to decorate their walls using countless pieces of wall décor. They will create three or four small gatherings of items in multiple locations on one wall. With rare exception, one large piece of art makes a greater impact than many smaller pieces, making it more likely to become a focal point in the room.


Some rooms are created for the sole purpose of entertainment. Home theaters and game rooms typically provide their own focal points. In the home theater, it’s the television or movie screen. To ensure that it remains the focal point, face all seating in the direction of the screen. In a game room, the focus will be on the primary (largest, visible) game: pool table, video screen, or Foosball.


Lighting may also serve as a focal point provided the eyes are drawn to the design of the light during the day and the light itself after the sun goes down. It could be a chandelier in the entry way or a Tiffany lamp in the kitchen. Natural light can also provide a focal point, giving you the opportunity to use the view outside your Austin condo as part of your design.


Focal point possibilities are endless. The principle applies to houses, dorms, and condos whether you own  condos, in  Austin, TX, Raleigh, NC, and Reno, NV. It could a brightly colored Gerber daisy on an end table, an accent pillow, a piano, or an entire wall. The key is to limit the focal points in your room. The more your eyes jump from item to item, the more chaotic and crowded the room begins to feel. Happy decorating!



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