Valley Fever with Pets

Valley Fever with Pets

Wilma the Dane

Dogs in the southwest are particularly vulnerable to Valley Fever, my couch potato Great Dane has been diagnose with Valley Fever about 5 months ago.  It started with a lump on her jaw and the vet gave her antibiotics for a week.  The lump went down but when the antibiotics ran out the lump can back.  So with another few $100’s the vet did a blood test and found that Wilma the Great Dane had Valley Fever.

Valley Fever is a condition unique to the dusty regions of the southwestern United States. It typically affects the low desert regions encompassing central California, Arizona, New Mexico and Southwestern Texas. The disease is caused by a fungus that thrives in dusty soils where it matures into strands of cells that break up into spores once the soil is disturbed. The disease is transmitted by inhaling the spores.  Read More

So her Valley Fever Meds are over $100 a month let alone the regular meds she takes for her incontinence and a anti-inflammatory.   Let me tell you about the price of pet meds for dogs.  The Proin 50 was $75 a month and I went to the vet for a refill it jumped to $95 in a month.  The Rimadyl was $349.00 for 180 tabs, so now Wilma the Great Dane is costing $550.00 a month in medications.  I could not believe the price of her drugs so I went shopping on the internet, I know the vet needs to make a profit but… there is a limit marking drugs up 4 and 5 times the cost.

Proin 50 at the vet $95 for 180 tabs – Online the same bottle $32.95

Rimadyl at the vet $349 for 180 tabs -Online $189

So I highly recommend that your check online for your pets medications, the savings was amazing.
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