Window Valance Templates

Window Valance Templates

Window Valance Tempates by Pam Damour

These templates are made from clear vinyl with a matt finish. Because of their transparency, fabric prints can be centered, and each section of your treatment can be matched. The templates can be used alone, or in combination with others in the set. They can be flipped, and combined for unlimited possibilities. You’ll never need to purchase a paper pattern again.

Pam Damour

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Intro to all 12 Templates

1. Scallop Template              2. Straight Template             3. Bell Template      4. Tail and Jabot Template

Template #1 - The Scallop  Straight TemplateTemplate #3 - BellTemplate #4 - Tail or Jabot








5. Lora Swag Template     6. Circular Template       7. Triangular Template     8.Monica Scallop Template

5.Lora Swag TemplateTemplate-6-The-Circular-Template7-Triangular8.Monica Scallop Template








9. Horn Template    10. Relaxed Cuff Template       11. Shirttail Template       12. Empire Swag Template

Template #9 - The Horn10-Relaxed-Cuff11-Shirttail12-Empire



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